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Beard Shaping at Laser Skin Nova Jaipur
What you see is sold. With this view, a man is defined by the way he dresses and grooms himself. One cannot imagine himself as Jason Mamoa, who is known for his acting prowess or stylish sports icon Virat Kohli as well as his thick bushy beard if the man keeps himself without a beard. Also, no one accepts a boy without a beard. As it is the most important thing to be seen on a male human body, the presentation of a beard being dirty takes a person back mentally and creates the impression of an irresponsible person.

What are the easiest ways for you to shape your beard on normal days as well as on special occasions, to get rid of a dry and rough beard?

Well, in general, it can be trimmed either at home with an electric trimmer or by going to a salon, where your hairdresser takes the amount of life it takes to make you look your best. Also, you may sometimes get out of frustration because of late getting your beard completely shaved instead of keeping it well-groomed. Also, to prevent your facial skin from inviting acne to a skin condition called folliculitis where the pores get clogged and cause these small bumps in the form of pimples or daily shaving or day to day time period. The wasting causes skin reactions. A permanent solution should be found to overcome these problems.

What is Laser Beard Shaping and what should you expect from Laser Facial Hair Removal?

With the extraordinary technological advances as well as the emergence of scientific research, it is now quite feasible to get rid of unwanted facial hair permanently. One of such modern techniques is known as laser beard shaping.

Laser beard shaping is a method that forces the hair to grow in the treated area i.e. it grows hair only in the desired beard area. By applying this procedure, your beard line can be easily visible along with a neat look as the roughness and thickness of the beard are minimized during the course.

Shaping a beard through laser hair removal technology is a difficult process. It is the least time-consuming of all laser hair removal procedures. With this, the procedure is virtually painless with only a few cases where some patients may experience slight sensitivity or mild redness which can be easily reduced by applying a cooling gel after the treatment. Depending on the thickness of your hair, the area of operation, as well as the skin tone, a course of treatment, will be recommended respectively.

Pretreatment are for your facial hair.

Prevention is better than cure and when it comes to facial hair, it is extremely important. Thus try to eliminate sun exposure before treatment. Also, do not indulge in any type of hair removal treatment for at least two to three weeks prior to the date of treatment. Also, discuss any medications and skin problems that you are taking or talk to your doctor about. Finalize the style, shape, and line of your beard prior to treatment.

The Process of Laser Beard Shaping

In the blink of an eye, the world changed.

Laser beard shaping is probably the easiest, easiest, and least time-consuming treatment to do. It starts with marking on the face and neck to create an area for treatment. This marking is first discussed with the patient taking into account the desired style and shape of the beard. Thereafter, the unwanted hair from the area to be treated is removed with the help of a razor. A gentle exercise of hair removal through a razor cleans the area for the laser to operate and gives a satisfactory result. In addition, a sonographic gel is applied over the entire marked area, to cool the surface and prepare the skin for the procedure. This cooling gel not only prepares the skin to be ready for the procedure but also helps to keep the temperature of the treatment area cool to the optimum level. Lastly, an advanced laser machine is used which targets the hair follicles and forces the unwanted hair to regrow by operating multiple shots which finally get the desired result.

Laser beard shaping has the feature of focused working which only works on the target area and subject making it a safe and easy treatment method.

 Benefits of Facial Hair Removal through Laser

Be it a sportsperson or a corporate working professional or an astronaut in space, laser beard shaping is very beneficial for anyone with a beard. To elaborate, since the beard area is in non-hormonal areas of the body, there is no chance of hair regrowth after the treatment. This means that the hassle of shaving or trimming every day is resolved as the unwanted hairs that previously hindered a well-groomed beard are no longer growing. Plus, you can confidently show off your cleaner beard line after sculpting or shaping your beard with laser hair removal. The mess of a messy-looking and unkempt beard goes away and you’re lucky to walk for any event with a clean neck and jawline. Also, in medical terms, folliculitis which is the primary source of pimples can be avoided by removing unwanted hair permanently.

Above all, time is money and beard shaping with laser hair removal helps you save a lot of time in getting rid of the daily tedious work of shaving or trimming a beard.

Aftercare for your facial hair and skin

Facial skin is a delicate part of the body and requires significant attention every day. Thus once the treatment is done, try to stay away from direct sunlight for a few days. Bathing/bathing with hot water should also be avoided. Also, try not to stick to a rigorous exercise regime or swim for a set amount of time, to be safe from potential trouble.

Cost of Laser Beard Shaping

Laser beard shaping is a treatment that examines every minute detail of the face and thus its cost varies from person to person and the condition of the beard.
In general, the fee for a session ranges between one thousand to three thousand Indian Rupees, where a complete course takes a total of six to seven sittings to get the perfect result.

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