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Our Clients' Reviews

I am so happy will sharing my experience ..I was having severe acne on my face all over when i went to ..Dr Sanyogita and after starting of the treatment it was so satisfying that i would say it was a miracle for me by the results i was getting from the treatment thing is that staff is very co- operative & all the facilities are available on clinic ..Thank You Dr Sanyogita…👍

Krishna Sharma

I have taken pigmentation treatment on skinnova and dr.sanyogita mam adviced to me for chemical peeling and i have taken chemical peeling of six sittings package and i got result, result on my face and now my friends give me compliments for my clear face really i would like to thanks ever and ever sanyogita mam… thank you so much mam 🤗 the best skin specialist in jaipur…

Himanshi Sharma

I consulted Dr Sanyogita last year in strict lockdown I was suffering with severe itching though I was ready to pay consultantion charges through Paytm but she denied and said this is tough time and we are treating emergency cases free , this gesture really impressed me. Her treatment also worked well. Then I visited her in person 2 weeks ago, I got some acne due to regular use of mask , she is so humble and sweet. She explained me each and every point. Her clinic is also really clean and well managed. I wish I could give more than 5 stars to Dr Sanyogita’s treatment skills and her sweet behaviour. If you have any skin issue you should definitely visit her.

Pooja Rathore

I have extremely sensitive skin and get skin allergies very easily. I remember once I got severe marks from an allergy and visited Skinnova clinic. I was amused how Doctor paid attention to my medical history to analyse the root cause and treat it. Since then I’ve been visiting Skinnova for every skin and hair related issue. The best part is that the Doctor is honest about which treatments will work and which will not. The best dermatology clinic in Jaipur.

Ayushi Agrawal

Nice clinic with nice staff and experienced doctor. I visited for my hair fall issue. Now its been 2 months I started my treatment and I can see improvement. Thank you Dr Sanyogita

Ashok Gupta

I booked my online consultation with Dr Sanyogita, I was confused if online consultation would be same like in clinic but it wasn’t possible for me to visit clinic, so I opted online consultation. I feel it was almost same, they do follow a proper system for online consultation, proper time is given, you get a soft copy of your prescription and you can start your treatment. Its really time saving if you can’t visit clinic in person. I am really happy with this service.

Rahul Pal

Rahul Pal