Best Hair and Skin Care Tips In Winter

Best Hair and Skin Care Tips In Winter

Winter may be your favorite season, but your skin and hair don’t share the enthusiasm for the dryness it brings. Discover how hair and skin care tips in winter shield them from the unforgiving elements this winter.

While summer is commonly associated with skin and hair damage due to sun exposure, winter presents its own set of challenges. The cold air in winter holds less moisture than its warmer counterpart, and the biting winds can wreak havoc on your skin.

With reduced humidity, both your hair and skin suffer from moisture loss. Indoors, the drying effects of heaters and fires compound the problem, leaving your skin and hair parched and damaged.

hair and skin care tips in winter

To combat these harsh winter conditions, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to protect and nourish your skin and hair.

What does winter bring for hair and skin?

  • Pale and dry
  • Dehydrated and flaky
  • Sensitive
  • Wrinkled under eyes
  • Chapped lips
  • Dry frizzy hair
  • Prone to breakage
  • Dandruff at its peak
hair and skin care tips in winter

Get A Humidifier

To effectively combat winter dryness, invest in a cost-effective and efficient humidifier for your home. Placing a humidifier near your bed and running it overnight can make a noticeable difference in your skin, akin to nourishing it while you sleep.

This simple addition can also alleviate dryness in your lips and hair. Moreover, should you fall ill during the winter, a humidifier can help fight germs and provide relief for a dry cough. The modern models are designed to operate quietly, ensuring they won’t disturb your sleep.

hair and skin care tips in winter

Serum First, Then Lotion

If you’re not familiar with facial serum, it’s time to integrate this winter-defending potion into your nightly skincare regimen. Although facial serum tends to be pricier than lotion, it justifies its cost by omitting fillers and incorporating higher-quality ingredients. Serums are formulated to deeply penetrate the outer layers of your skin, delivering antioxidants more effectively.

Apply lotion after the serum to lock in these potent ingredients, then retire for the night, allowing both products to work their magic. It’s crucial to follow up with a top-notch nighttime moisturiser to continue treating your skin while you sleep. Come morning, ensure to apply a day cream with SPF, as the winter sun still harbors damaging UV rays.

hair and skin care tips in winter

Step Away From The Blow Dryer

During winter, hair tends to be drier, rendering it more susceptible to damage. Exposing it to heat exacerbates this vulnerability. To protect your hair, opt for hats, braids, and Velcro rollers this season. Steer clear of hot water in the shower, as it can be harsh on both the skin and hair.

If hot water is unavoidable, limit hair washing to once a week and use dry shampoo between washes. Nourish your hair and scalp with moisturizing hair masks, and consider trying simple recipes using household ingredients. These masks are a great way to combat the dryness associated with winter.

Drink Water

While it may seem obvious, we often neglect to stay adequately hydrated during winter. It’s understandable – who craves water when it’s freezing outside? Instead, we lean towards consuming more coffee and tea in the colder months, contributing to dehydration and overall dryness. To maintain the health of your hair and skin, make a conscious effort to drink as much water in winter as you do during the summer months.

Move from a foamy face wash to a creamy one and cleanse your face not more than three times a day.

  • Change liquid remover to a creamy one
  • Apply plenty of under-eye and lip cream
  • Switch from shower gels to shower oils
  • Pre-bath indulgence with a five-minute oil massage
  • Oil hair overnight
  • Plenty of moisturizer
  • Avoid scrubs
  • Hydrate
  • Use sunscreen

Following these hair and skin care tips in winter will yield significant benefits. As the snow begins to melt, you’ll find yourself with beautifully hydrated skin and hair that appear untouched by the harsh effects of winter.

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